university of urbana-champagne

Изображение 056

Изображение 058

Zara total look

what can you do on your day off in Chicago city? of course visit your cousin in his alma mater.

like every ordinary american always does.

have you ever noticed that North America has very strange variety names for cities and states? they have Saint – Petersburg in Florida, state Gorgia and we have the same country and the place where we headed to is called Urbana – Shampagne. they are like big thieves!

Urbana-Shampagne is a little city in Michigan state mostly dedicated to university area. it’s a big city with houses for living, their own cinemas and restaurants. and for the first time i met all those fraternities and sororities like Phi Beta Kappa. does it mean something or just number latin letters?

it’s the place where for the first time i tried chinese cuisine. i’m kinda like spicy food so i chose two peppers meal in the menu. aaand i make a mistakes. when chinese say spicy they mean spicy. i was about to breath with a fire. luckly i’m a dragon so i know how to do it safely =D

i love all these american universities like from movies. i even decided to collect university hoodies. so to build a whole wardrobe for university hoodies i should visit like more than a million ones. good luck to me.

photos by Evgeniy Sharapov


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