disney world

IMG_0109IMG_0128IMG_0113IMG_0103IMG_0016IMG_0025IMG_0028IMG_0034IMG_0037IMG_0049IMG_0055IMG_0060IMG_0064IMG_0067IMG_0095IMG_0101IMG_0102Zara t – shirt / Zara shorts / Converse trainers

loooooooooadz of pictures from my first visit of Disney World in Orlando.

maybe i’m a little bit old for all this cartoonish things but it didn’t get me so excited as Universal did.

but there are so many things to take pictures with : huge characters of beloved animated movies, castles, hats and micky mouse’s ears.

i’m not sure i will ever come again but certainly it’s a good experience.

photos by me, Evgeniy Sharapov and my mom


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