exploring barcelona

Picture 499

there is no way not to fell in love with this city. it has special energy ❤

somehow Barcelona reminds me Chicago. the same feeling of freedom and comfort.

i would live here if i speak spanish or someone speaks english. though it’s Europe hardly people use english. at least no more that “Hello! How are you?”

despite i have no thing for architecture barcelonian buildings really impressed me. what an imagination should person has to create such beauties! it’s a big pleasure to take a walk around town.

while taking walks i noticed that Spanish are obsessed with food. every corner is fulfilled with little bistros and restaurants. like americans they have really big plates.

but whoops what a shame i didn’t enjoed their food much. especially their special paella. totally no!

but since we rented apartments we gotta do groseries shopping in nearest supermarket and prepare food in kitchen. that were my favourite moments about food in Spain. i still can feel that smell.

definitely Catalonia region is the must see in Europe.

photos by Evgeniy Sharapov, my mom and me


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