>vobla< factory


dress Evgeniya Grebenshikova /  blazer Zara / trainers Converse / bag H&M

considering of giving up on club parties and moving to home parties. they become more and more boring.

if some time ago i could boast that i’m never get bored now i’m easily fall asleep. oh those new young and unexperienced sponsors =D

maybe i’m haven’t grown enough but i don’t get some things :

– why do people wear shades insides. rumors have it that they try to cover high glasses but who in the club actually cares are you high or sober. i don’t.

– why do people wear reading glasses with fake lenses. you have to know every trend  but don’t have to accept everything. especially if you have perfect sight.

– this obsession with black colour. i associate black with funeral, cemetery and mourning. especially it’s way more funny when you see a person in black everything and in white shoes. everyone knows this term.

and on a side note i’m in love with photographers. everytime i see one i want to kick his ass and steal his camera. it’s something like conditioned reflex. like shopaholics or sweet tooths have.

phots by Dmitry Martushev


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