meet russians


Evgeniya Grebenshikova dress

there are nights you wanna remember forever. this night like this. we were going downtown ❤ but ‘ve chosen another club. “Bliss Premium Club”. i fell in <3!

i’ve noticed that in Orlando a loooot really good looking girls but the rest of them are just suuuuuper tacky =/ i remember at home at one of the party girl was going around with papers “looking for a man on one night” so it is almost the same. just without paper. bleh
but i met super cute italian guy. he was talking about my appearance, my outfit and blah blah blah. but it was super nice to hear.
i’ve noticed that one guy was looking at my passport. i’ve started to suspect him in something but he saved himself asking in russian if i’m russian =D
night with russians. what can be better =D
photo by Katie D’Agostino

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