my happy life is coming to an end. soon i gotta fly home. brrr.. so at my very last weekend brother decided visit our uncle, aunt and cousin (the other cousin was in Italy so we weren’t able to see her ='()

on next day my cousin ivited us downtown. on the way he called one of his friend ( she is russian but live in America all entire life. HATE THESE PEOPLE! =D). she invited us in her area called Wicker Park. as my cousin calls it “hipster place” =D

i’m sooo into architectural thing ❤ everything had began in Spain. There are amazing buidings. Chicago isn’t worse!

actually we met a couple of hipsters =D but i would looove to live this area ’cause these buildings, atmosphere, cafes and stores are awesome. but i can’t stand cold so i stay in Florida.

leaving Alina at home we headed straight to Down Town. i fell in love with this part of Chicago since 2008. but this time it was super cold and super gloomy =/

warming up we went to nearest coffee shop and FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! i got something hot.

i mean all the time even in – 35 C i get cold drinks but this time i decided to get something hot because i was about to die. it was apple wine. yummy thing ❤

next day we headed back to Orlando. i was pretty happy back to comfortable weather.

three days till my death are left =/


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