[celebrities open season]









Без имени-3


Без имени-1

Evgeniya Grebenshikova dress / Mango jacket

NOBODY KNOWS OLIVIA PALERMO! what country i live =/ everyone who i love nobody knows in Russia. it looks like we live in two different worlds. or i just spend too much time in the Internet =DD

in general atmospere was super fun. everyone made masks but nobody wore them as i expected. so there weren’t difficulties with recognition as i imagined.

we danced a lot while our friend was djing and had so much fun while taking pictures.

but as in every every day life of rich and famous there are some unpleasant moments such as annoying people. bleh ’cause i don’t know them.

as usual had fun with my girls at weekly party.

this time theme was “famous people”. we gotta come in masks of celebrities.

i chose Olivia Palermo. first of all because i was 100 % sure nobody knows her and secondly i adore her.

i love to choose something rare to be the one and only =D

photos by Evgeniya Vasilyadi


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