some dj in the club


Evgeniya Grebenshikova dress / Zara cardigan

my friends begged me out =D we went at the club where i haven’t been for like an year or something. people who go there are pretty different from those who i usually meet. it was good to be in such high society for once.

but before was a real fun when we were runnin’ from car to appartments and back. it was way better than any morning or evening run =D i’m blessed to have friends like mine. it’s soo good to have people whos your sense of humour fits well (or opposite =D ), who you have so much in common and can talk about everything with ❤

but back to club thing i still have this inside smoking issue. it pisses me off. i was crying while laughing because this smoke was hurting my eyes. it looked like i was crying because of my broken heart =D

because i’m an early bird i can’t stay all night awake and fall asleep somewhere like 2 a.m. this night i bite like all my records and stayed awake until 7 a.m.! wohoo me =D

photo by Alex Leonov


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