strangers in town

IMG_2694 (2)




Evgeniya Grebenshikova trench coat / Mango sweatshirt / Zara denim /

my brother and his girlfriend finally came in town! i really love my older brother. it is always fun going out with him. but on the other hand there is always possibility to have a crush on someone of his friends. sometimes married friends

we took a walk and actually i was surprised how much i may tell about this town!

our town called itself the cultural capital of Russia. so that in one building we have the whole THREE theaters! =D

and also we do have a walk of fame =D but honestly i don’t know any of them =[

then we were caught by surprise telephone call of my brother’s friend. on my phone! he invited for bachelor party. and because my brother just couldn’t leave us on the streets alone he brought us along. i felt myself like stripper. ’cause female friends on this kind of party are not allowed =D

and i did it again. fell in love with total strangers. i always love my brother’s friends. the same attracts the same. then i begged my brother to take me everywhere with him. he was ready to escape back to America =D

the guy in glasses was going to be married next day so i was accidentally invited to the wedding. actually a bash after it but i didn’t mind. after parties i like even more than traditional celebrations.

so the next day we came to congratulate newlyweds. adorable couple.

it’s too bad i won’t see them again for a while. one of them lives in Ekaterinburg, another one in Krasnodar, newlyweds on Cyprus and this cute couple in America. someone is still here?!

p.s. the worst pictures were taken not by me. it was really hard edit them so you won’t be able to blame me for a bad quality =P

but i had to upload them. it’s a memory ❤


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