night out


IMG_3129IMG_3133IMG_3137IMG_3139IMG_3140IMG_3144went out with my strangers and couple of friends.

since my brother haven’t been in Perm for a long time and Oksana never have visited this town yet we took them to the most popular and overcrowded place – Perm’s Arbate.

it’s a perfect place to hang out at night as for couples so for groups of friends.

of course this wonderful night was ended at 24 hours cafe. turned out that it is pretty hard to find a restaurant which opens 24 hours. but in Orlando, for example, to find a good place even after 2 a.m. is barely possible. with my schedule i have no possibility to stay up long cuz i’m getting dead already at noon. so Orlando’s open hours are suit me better. i wanna back to Orlando so baaaaad <3333333

photos by me, Svetlana Polushkina & Evgeniy Sharapov


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