powerful baloons

i decided i have to try a new photographer for a change. so i checked all people i know and chose Tonya. she does pretty good work and she does it for free. i would be i a fool if i don’t try ;D

just to welcome summer i wore bright colored items and to stress this even more i bought pink balloons. i hope it’s gonna look awesome all together!

all the way we started on a river shore where we shot our first pictures. it always hard to get going! then we go through the town to shoot some good pictures with balloons.

to add extra colour we decided to find a boy in pink something, pink bike or scooter. and we got it all!!

then we realized that some pink bikes and scateboards we could find in our extreme park so we headed there. there we cought i would say too much attention. some stranger was filming us on his cell phone, another group of weird kids followed us every step and make funny comments.

Tonya was one and only who made me feel like a model. i didn’t even know that i can do like that. so i kinda proud of myself. but i still have to work on my face. ughh… and i’m really satisfied the result of our with Tonya photoshoot. i think one of the best i’ve been involved in.


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