i have this thing for photographers. maybe i got this infection back in 2005 when my friend made first shots of mine on film. they were pretty immodest. and this is in my 17 years =D but why the hell i’m ashamed! modern kids get naked/half naked already in 14 – 15, when in my 14 i was playing dolls in our yard. but maybe thanks to that i’m still kid in heart and it ease my life a loooot!

over the years i gained my base of photographers who are became my friends and photographers as well. when i started getting deeper in all this photography stuff  pictures became better and better. over all these times i realized that idea and girl play the lead role. no photographer skills or photoshop. also i figure out for myself that photography of males, nature or animals are boooooring! in any picture should present girl. interesting girl. with interesting outfit. even junkyard interesting girl could look stunning in pictures. i already made up the whole range of pictures in my mind =D

being friends with photograper made me know something about cameras, lences, flashes, photoshop stuff. but i still don’ want to be photographer. i wasn’t born to create something really new and fresh. and i can’t afford myself do as other people do. i better work with something already created and just add something new.

but i have this passion for this candid photography. real photographers do something for esthetic pleasure or money. for me photography is a memory.


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