up on the rooftop

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OUxS5LSoo1s (1)

qev7DGHTeYs9XBRiZgBFs4-2hoodie c/o University of Central Florida / dress Evgeniya Grebenshikova / sneakers Converse

as a kid i was very polite, calm and shy. i played only with toys and girls.

but while growing up i started hang out with guys and jumping up on sheds.


until 2012 when i got a new job and my co -worker brought me there. since i’m afraid of height it was super overwhelming and scary. but since sence of fear is my favourite i loved this place.

i’ve noticed that a rooftop is a favourite place of photographers as well. so once i brought my favourite photographer to this spot to hang out and to take a couple of pictures.

photos by Irina Sosnina & Luba Birina


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