to close 2013 year


gjgjhgjhjjghjggjhgjhgjhhjjghgjhghgjhthis year was amazing!

in 2013 i met new people, get closer to my current friends, started pay more attention to things i  really like.

i liked boys, went to the clubs more, started like live music.

still didn’t like theaters, didn’t start smoking and drinking.

lost and found.

but to make my 2014 even more awesome i made a list of resolutions :

1. to be more open in oder to make new friends. to get involved in conversation. to laught less and tell smart things more.

i’m working on it.

2. to eat less. come on how such a small girl can eat so much food! to eat more healthy. it’s not like i’m about to exclude fast food and fizzy drinks but use it way less.

3. to be more social. to attend more parties, more exhibitons, more birthday bashes.

these ones are the most important resolutions for a year ahead. the little ones are not spoiling my life so i may pay attention to big ones that make my life miserable.



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