the very first outfit of the year




 Курсор coatshirt Romwe /  skirt Zara /  bag Asos /  boots Renaissance

my year started with a little adventure.

it’s not like we went to hit the mountains or went to another city with no luggage. we went to meet some friends of my friends.

to meet new people is always a stress for me. stress in a good way because i LOVE to get to know strangers.

for the first time i become extremly shy. even though i’m quite confident with a gang i came in, with new people i feel myself like a lost dog in megacity.

but on the second day i become charming, talkative and funny. but who cares about second day when your first impression opportunity is lost.

so is my main goal in new 2o14 year is become very confident with new ones as i’m talking to my besties.

photos by Irina Shulz


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