women’s day


DSC_0021DSC_0102DSC_0111shirt Evgeniya Grebenshikova / skirt Kira Plastinina / coat Курсор / boots Zara / bag Asos

there is such a holiday in Russia as the “Women’s Day”. originally it celebrates fight for equal rights between women and men.  and in the end we celebrate this like men give us presents, cook and clean apartments. so we kind of won the battle.

aside being treated well at least once a year we won ability to get high education, opportunity of being part of someone’s election and take a high positions at work and many other things.

but there is a dark side of a goal to be equal to men : despite making huge money girls still demand boys pay in restaurants, clubs and movie theatres, some girls demand boys pay all the bills while living together, girls demand on getting flowers with every meeting and many other things.

so in the end they don’t want to be equal. they just want to have it all.

it’s so unfair in term of logic but it’s so sly in term of life.

photos by my mom


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