tribute to Evgeniy Chicherin

took place an event dedicated to late perm folk musician Evgeniy Chicherin.

before i met some guys i’ve never heard about him. turned out his is an inspiration and music icon for those who are in their 30s.

i attended the concert just because my friend was playing there and to listen to one more band.

plus i discovered another electronic band called Delta Omega. the vox of this band is very charming and talented.

then there was “Tramontana” band which i wanted to hear for so long. and the best part of the band became the guitarist. i know that the female part of the band is quite famous and lovable in our city but i like the guitar player more.

and there you go my favourite band “Tyman”! besides there is playing one of my friends, i love love love all their songs! it sounds like any pop music just with weird lyrics sometimes and with reggy vibe. i come to every their concert though they always sing the same songs. they really worth my time.

unfortunately this time no pictures only videos.

videos by me


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